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String Impressions

Listed below are the strings that we carry. This is our impression of how these play. Hoping that this helps you pick a string that is right for you. Many strings listed below we carry in difference gauges (thickness). The higher the number such as 18 gauge, the thinner the string. Therefore a thinner string will not last as long as a thicker string but will have better playing properties.


  • Hammertec - this string was re-made exclusively for us. This is a 17 gauge string that has a nice, crisp feel.
  • Extreme - this is a nice synthetic that we carry in white and black and has a little elasticity to it.
    16 gauge.
  • Stamina - a little stiffer than Extreme which has great control and some durability. 16 gauge.
  • Super Spin - a reasonably new string from Wilson that is textured to give you more bite on the ball.
    16 gauge.
  • NXT Duo - this is a hybrid string meaning two types are used. The package includes a polyester called enduro pro and NXT to give you excellent feel.
  • NXT - this is a multi stranded string that gives you great feel and liveliness ; not durable but great playing. Available in 16 and 17 gauge.
  • NXT Tour 17 - a very thin string for maximum playability; not durable but tremendous feel for the ball.
  • Enduro Pro - a polyester that is meant to be durable and have great playability. Not lively, but very durable. Should be strung 10% lower due to the nature of polyester. 16 gauge.
  • Sensation - Not as many strands as NXT therefore not as lively, however, excellent control and feel.
    16 and 17 gauge.
  • Champions Choice - this is the actual string used by Roger Federer. ½ set of polyester and ½ set of gut. This will be the ultimate combination of durability and playability.
  • K Gut 16 - without a doubt the best playing synthetic available. Priced the same as real gut but not as perishable.


  • Alu Power Rough - this is the best known polyester available, used by many pros. The rough is textured to give you more bite and spin on the ball.
  • Alu Power - a smooth surfaced polyester which gives excellent durability and playability but not lively.
  • Original - a different feel than other Luxilon strings. A little livelier.
  • Alu Power Spin - a multi-sided string for maximum spin on the ball. 16 gauge.


  • FiberFeel - very limited supply. This is the easiest string made on the arm. 16 gauge.
  • Pro Hurricane 16 - a soft polyester that has a little more give to it than other polyesters.
  • XCell Power - available in 16 or 17 gauge. Babolat’s premium synthetic. Similar to Wilson’s K Gut.
  • Pro Hurricane Tour- available in 16 or 17 gauge in a gold color. A polyester that has more resilience than Luxilon Alu Power.
  • Ballistic - a very stiff polyester which means excellent durable but a very hard string. 16 gauge.
  • Hybrid Pro Hurricane/Conquest - half set of Pro Hurricane in blue for durability and half set of Conquest for playability. A great playing hybrid.
  • Tonic 16 - this is a natural gut for those who want a traditional gut feel but not the premium price.
  • Touch 16 - considered the finest real gut available. For the ultimate in ball feel and easy on the arm. Also available in 17 gauge called Team.


  • Original 515 - this is Technifibre’s version of Wilson’s Sensation. A multi stranded string with good feel but not durable. 16 gauge.
  • NRG 17 - Technifibre’s version of Wilson NXT. A multi stranded string that is very lively.


  • TNT 16,17,18 - these numbers represent the gauges. All the strings play very soft therefore all are arm friendly. All gauges have good power but due to their softness do not hold tension well.
  • GAMMA GUT 2 - a textured synthetic that bites the ball very well and is not very expensive. 16 gauge.
  • RX 17 - a very soft string that is easy on the arm and recommended for tennis elbow.
  • LIVE WIRE XP 16 & 17 - gamma’s version of Wilson NXT- a multi stranded string with very good ball feel.


  • Intellistring - a hybrid mixture of two strings that give some durability and the cross strings that are soft which is very easy on the arm.
  • FXP - similar to Wilson’s sensation- a multi stranded string with very good ball feel. Not known for durability.
  • Rip Control - a durable string but not as hard as polyester. Excellent for control.


  • Synthetic Gut Original 16 - similar to Wilson Extreme. Very good elasticity. Not very durable but not very stiff either.
  • Synthetic Gut Duraflex 16 & 17 - similar to Wilson Stamina - very good control and not as elastic as Prince Original Synthetic and more durable.
  • Top Spin 15& 16 - Top Spin 15 has good durability and is textured for more bite on the ball. The 16 gauge does not have Duraflex therefore not as durable but is still textured.
  • Pro Blend - Super durable with a main string of Kevlar and cross string of Duraflex.
  • Lightning - A 16 gauge string that is very soft, easy on the arm. Available in silver or pink.

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