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Perhaps what you'll love most about Stuart's of Boca is the depth of knowledge and advice you'll receive from our people. That's because tennis, racquet sports and running are our passions, not just our business. We love talking about our sports, giving advice, and hearing your opinions as well.

Store Owner – Stuart
Stuart is a life-long tennis player and runner who competed as a college player. Stuart became a certified stringer in the 1980s and founded Stuart's of Boca in 1983. Truly, there are few people in the country who know as much about tennis shoes, racquets, strings, and running shoes as Stuart.

Lorie has been us for over 30 years. After successfully fighting a life threatening illness she is back part-time. She is an avid tennis player with a depth of knowledge about all things tennis and running. She loves sharing that expertise with our customers, and you'll love talking with Lorie as well.

Peter is one of the top club tennis players in our area as well as a runner. He owned a tennis shop in London before moving to the U.S. and joining the team at Stuart’s Of Boca. Peter also coaches part time.

Head Stringer – Jerry
At Stuart's of Boca you’ll find one of the best stringers in the country. Jerry was a top Junior Tennis Player and today is one of the highest ranked club players in the U.S. Jerry's team went all the way to a National Tennis Tournament in 2007. Jerry heads our stringing department that does over 10,000 racquets per year. Please watch our You Tube video "Jerry’s Forehand"

Peter,  friendliest man in town

Jerry, the world's greatest stringer

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