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Racquet Impressions

In the 26 years that we have been open, I have played with pretty much every racquet made by major manufacturers. My impressions of these racquets are listed below and I think they are spot on. Several terms are mentioned below such as beam (width of the frame when you turn it sideways), the wider the beam the more power; square inches, (this is the head size of the racquet) the bigger the head size the more power and the bigger the sweet spot but you will sacrifice some control; weights (they are always listed in unstrung weights – add .6 for racquet weight with string). For technical information such as weight, balance, etc, please check the manufacturer’s web site.

                                      Happy Hitting,


We are one of the top 10 retailers in the country for Wilson Racquets.

  • K PS 88 – a newer version of the old Pete Sampras racquet which was 85”. The new model is 88” and 12.3 oz. A head light racquet for the serious player who wants weight.
  • K 6.1 Tour – this is the model used by Roger Federer, which is the update to the Pete Sampras model. Due to its small head size this racquet has excellent control. This is a very stiff frame and head light which makes it great for serving. It is 90” and 12 oz.
  • K 6.1 95 – a reasonably heavy frame with good power for a mid sized racquet. This racquet would be for someone looking for control with a solid feel.
  • K 6.1 Team – a lighter version of the 6.1 95. The string pattern is very dense therefore giving excellent control but taking away some power.
  • K Surge – a light racquet at 9.9 oz unstrung and 100”; available in a 4” grip. A great racquet for a junior player that wants an adult length. It is very solid for a light racquet.
  • K Blade Tour – this was the model that was used by Djokovic. A small head at 93”, a great control racquet. Not big on power but very solid.
  • K Blade 98 – probably the finest racquet available. A very solid feel and excellent balance. A thin beam that can be swung easily.
  • K Blade Team – I love this racquet! At 104” is it not too big and clumsy. A thin beam which gives very good control and a nice sweet spot.
  • Hammer 5.3 – this is the least expensive racquet that we carry but a great racquet for the money. Very light at about 8.6 oz unstrung. Head size is about 112” so it is very easy to play with.
  • K Tour – this racquet is orange in color, however it is unusual because it is head heavy which means that is very good on ground strokes. This model was used by Henin.
  • K Fury – this racquet comes in a 4” grip and is very reasonably priced. It is a composite which means there will be more flex to the frame.
  • K Pro Open – this is Wilson’s version of the Babolat Pure Drive. A 100 sq inch racquet with very good power for a mid sized racquet; a little bit head light.
  • Pro Team FX – the FX technology gives the racquet a stiffer feel. This is a newer model a little lighter at 9.8 oz and 100”.
  • K 5 Midsize – this is one of the softest racquets that you can hit with, but is being phased out. It is very easy on the arm. The mid was very good power and very good feel for the ball.
  • K 5 Oversize – at 108” this racquet has a lot of power. Again, like the mid, is being phased out and is very soft on the arm.
  • K 4 FX – at 107“ this racquet has a big sweet spot and good control due to the stiffness of the frame. Is no longer available in the mid.
  • K 3 FX – one of the finest oversized racquets you could possibly play with. There is a shock absorber built into the frame so it has great power and is easy on the arm.
  • K 1 FX – this is Wilson’s largest racquet at 122”. If you want the racquet to do the work for you, with as little effort as possible, this is the model for you. Due to its size, it is a great doubles racquet.
  • K Zero – this is Wilson’s lightest big racquet at 9.2 oz unstrung. What is unusual about this racquet is that it is not as head heavy as other Wilson racquets enabling you to swing the racquet faster. This racquet is being phased out.


We are the 7th largest Babolat dealer in the country.

  • Pure Storm Ltd – this is Babolat’s version of the Wilson 6.1 Tour. This is a serious player’s racquet due to its narrow beam and weight. It is 95” and 11.3 oz.
  • Pure Storm Tour – I used this model for several years. If you are looking for a solid mid sized frame there is absolutely nothing better. Very easy on the arm because it is flexible.
  • Pure Storm – a lighter version of Pure Storm Tour. This model is used by Fernando Gonzalez. A narrow beam makes this very easy to swing and is very solid on impact.
  • Pure Drive Roddick GT – I love Babolat racquets, however these new GT racquets, which means graphite tungsten, are not as solid as the old model. This model replaces the old one and is in desperate need of a vibration dampener. They have a little tinnier feel.
  • Pure Drive GT – the old model was the best selling racquet ever made. It is distinguishable by its new blue graphics. It is .5 oz lighter than the Roddick model also with the cortex shock absorbing system. A very powerful mid-size racquet.
  • Pure Drive 107 – a little larger head than the regular Pure Drive which means a little more power.
  • Pure Drive 110 – even larger than the 107 model with a whole lot of power. Also with the Cortex shock absorbing system.
  • Z Lite – probably the finest light racquet you could play with. At 9.0 oz unstrung and 100” this model is great for a young player looking for a 27” racquet. The grip size goes down to a 0 which means 4”.
  • Aero – this is the model used by Nadal. Distinguishable by its yellow and white graphics. This model has an aerodynamic design which allows it to be swung a little bit faster. Similar to a Pure Drive 100 but a slightly stiffer feel. This does not have GT technology, which means it is unchanged.
  • Aero Storm – this model has red and white graphics and a little more flex than the Aero used by Nadal. This is a new model which has a combination of power and feel for the ball.
  • Aero Strike – a lighter version of Nadal’s aero, about 1 oz lighter. Not as stiff or as solid. However, because of its weight you don’t have a lot of power.
  • Y 112 – Babolat’s new line of big racquets. This model is great not to head heavy, very good power and control.
  • Y 118 – very powerful not as much control as the Y 112.


  • Youtek technology – Hit the ball soft and the racquet softens, hit the ball hard and the racquet stiffens. All Speed racquets and new Radicals have the Youtek technology.
  • Speed Pro – this is the model used by Djokovic or so we are told. It is 11.9 oz and has a 98” head. This is a heavy racquet which I found a little hard on the arm but Wilson Blade Tour Djokovic used to use was 93”….. go figure.
  • Speed MP – has an 18 X 20 and 16 X 19 string patterns. The 16 X 19 string pattern is very solid at 27 ¼” and 100” this is a very good hitting racquet with a little more pop them the 18 X 20 pattern.
  • Speed Elite – this has a tinny feel which is one of the worst things you can experience. Weight is 10.1 oz and is 100”.
  • Speed Lite – most light racquets are toothpicks but this is good like the Babolat Zlite and Wilson Surge. Weighs 9.2 oz and 102”.
  • Radical MP & Oversize – this is the model used by Andy Murray. Most players like Murray use the mid plus at 98” and 10.4 oz. I really like the oversize at 107” and 10.4 oz. The beam is narrow for good control and at 107” has a big sweet spot. This is the model Agassi used and is similar to the Wilson Blade Team used by Venus and Serena.
  • Micro Gel Prestige Mid – this model is used by Safin and Grosjean. At 93” you will not find a better control racquet and is head light.
  • Micro Gel Prestige Mid Plus – similar to the mid except with a 98 “ head. A little lighter and easier to swing.
  • Head TI S6 – the first titanium racquet ever made. Re-introduced at a very reasonable price. What made this racquet so popular was its great feel for the ball.
  • Micro Gel Radical Mid – a very solid hitting racquet at 98”. New model expected after June 2009 as used by Andy Murray.
  • Micro Gel Radical Oversize – this is the new generation of the racquet that was used by Agassi. A little bigger than the Mid size at 107” and slightly more flexible. A narrow beam frame that give you very good control. New model expected after June 2009.
  • Micro Gel Instinct – at 100” and a reasonable price, a very solid hitting racquet with very good control.
  • Micro Gel Extreme – the 2009 model has a Teflon grommet system which gives a different feel to the racquet from last year’s model. This is very similar to the Babolat Pure Drive. This weighs 10.4 oz and is 100” with a 16 X 19 string pattern.
  • Micro Gel Extreme Pro – a heavier model than the Extreme with the new Teflon grommet system. The racquet is 11.1 oz and 100” with a 16 X 19 string pattern.
  • Cross Bow 4 – the Cross Bow name refers to a spring type action built into the throat that adds power to the shot. It has excellent power and is unique because it also has very good control. A very light racquet at only 9.2 oz and 107”.
  • Cross Bow 6 – feel very similar to the original TiS6. Great feel for the ball, good balance, and solid hitting at 112”.
  • Cross Bow 8 – very powerful racquet for someone who wants the racquet to do a lot of the work. Very light at 9.0 oz and 118”.
  • Cross Bow 10 – this is a big 122” light racquet that hits like a tin can and is not solid at all.


  • PB 1 – Volkl’s largest racquet at 115”, 9 oz, and 27 ¼” long. Volkl racquets have a reputation for being very friendly on the arm. This big racquet also has good feel for the ball. Unlike some racquets that are big and have no control, this racquet has great control and feel for its size.
  • PB 4 – great feel for the ball and great control. This is a mid-size racquet for someone needing less power and more control. It weights 9.7 oz and is 105”.
  • DNX 3 – not overly big so it has good control and power at 110” and 9.3 oz. Not as powerful as PB 1, but still has good power.


  • EXO Silver – the EXO means 26% more energy produced. This is a big racquet at 118” and only weighs 8.8 oz. If you want power and the racquet to do the work, this is the racquet for you. Great for a doubles player.
  • EXO Red – a lot of power for a midsize racquet using Prince premiere string. Weighs 9.9 oz and is 105”. Surprisingly, a lot of power for a narrow beam racquet.
  • Rebel 95” – this model is used by Monfils. There is also a lighter version called the team. This is a super solid racquet for a serious player. It is 11.6 oz and 95”.
  • 03 Black – one of the finest racquets I’ve ever hit with. This model comes with two sets of grommets, one for control which is string hole and one for power which is string port. This racquet is 10.8 oz and is 100”.
  • 03 Speed Black Team – I love this racquet. This is similar to the 03 Black but lighter weighing only 9.9 oz and is 100”.
  • 03 Speed Port White – this is the model used by Sharapova. A little more flexible than the 03 Black. Very solid racquet at 100” and weighing 10.6 oz.


We are one of the few Adidas racket dealers in Florida. Over the years, there are some rackets that I get very excited about, these rackets play awesome!

  • Barricade - a racket that is very easy to swing and has at 3 and 9 o’clock a weighting system on the head. This gives stability to off center shots and by adding weight gives more power to the shot. The head size is 95” and the weight is 10.6 oz unstrung. It has very good power.
  • Tour Light- this weighs 10.6 oz unstrung, has a 95” head and has a string pattern of 18 x 20. This pattern gives the racket unbelievable control. I do not know if I have ever hit with a racket that has more control than this. There is also a heavier model, The Tour that weights 11.6 oz unstrung which gives even more power.
  • The Feather- this model is 105” and 9.2 oz unstrung. I found this racket had very good power and a large sweet spot but what I liked most was the balance. It really feels like a feather in your hand.

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